My name is Terry Ingram and I am a very passionate photographer in Bellevue, NE. I love to capture everything that my eyes see as beautiful and breathtaking. 


I have always loved taking pictures and reliving those moments later with my family and friends.  Seeing people laugh and be happy reliving a special moment has always brought me joy.  I love taking pictures of everything and I wrapped it especially with my love of cooking.  I would always photograph my dishes to share with others!  Although I loved cooking and I thought that was my passion I eventually realized my passion was photography. 


I see simple things that no one thinks of as art or beautiful.  I capture its essence and beauty to be admired by all.  I am very proud of my work and I want to create lasting impressions for you whether it's a wedding, maternity, baby, engagement, family, senior, newborn or toddler photography session.  


Showtime Photography, is ready to preserve moments in your life for life!